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Professionals and workers’ comp

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Worker's Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides payment for medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses to workers who are injured on the job in Massachusetts. Typically, workers’ comp applies to construction site workers and other blue-collar trades because it is much more likely that someone will suffer an injury on the job in one of these occupations. However, professionals in legal, medical, and other fields may have claims for workers’ comp.

Accidents in the workplace

All types of employees can suffer accidents in the workplace, even if employees work in traditional businesses. Workers can slip in offices due to slippery surfaces, obstacles on the floor, and other items. In addition, workers may lean back in their chairs and fall to the ground, causing injuries. Sometimes, file cabinets may fall on workers if they are not careful. Victims of accidents in the workplace should consider workers’ comp and should speak with an experienced workers’ comp attorney to protect their rights.

Degenerative injuries

Professionals can also suffer all types of degenerative injuries. For instance, dentists and other similar professionals may experience degenerative back and neck pain because of leaning over patients and other tasks. Moreover, individuals who sit at a desk can experience back and neck problems. An experienced workers’ comp attorney should know if injuries can form the basis of a workers’ comp claim.

Work trips

Professionals often need to make work trips in the course of their duties. In certain circumstances, injuries that they sustain on business trips can form the basis of workers’ comp claims. Generally, the tasks outside the office need to serve the goals of managers and be in the scope of employment in order to form the basis for a claim.

Defenses to a workers’ comp claim

Employers may be able to defeat a workers’ comp claim in a variety of situations. For instance, a worker who refused to use safety equipment or who acted recklessly in causing his or her own injuries may be denied workers’ comp. If a worker has been denied workers’ comp benefits, he or she should speak to an experienced workers’ comp attorney immediately to protect his or her rights.