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Need Assistance With An SSDI Claim?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a valuable benefit most workers who are part of the Social Security system have available should they lose the ability to work. The difficulty with the program is that the application is complex and if you are denied on your initial application, the appeals process becomes even more complex.

At Pierce, Pierce & Napolitano, our attorneys are experienced with handling Social Security Disability claims from the initial application process, through reconsideration, and when necessary, at a hearing before a Federal Administrative Law Judge. We have worked with hundreds of clients and this experience means we understand what a successful claim looks like as well as how to help clients who have had their application for SSDI benefits denied.

A Very Specific Definition Of ‘Disability’

To be found disabled under the SSDI definition, you must be unable to engage in gainful employment for a period of at least 12 months. The definition encompasses a broad range of medical conditions and illnesses, but because it is so broad, it is demanding in terms of the type of evidence necessary to demonstrate to the Social Security Administration that you qualify as “disabled.”

A Complex Application

Oftentimes, clients are denied a valid claim because they have difficulty complying with the evidentiary requirements necessary to show your disability. The basic application form is 13 pages in length, and you need to carefully answer all the sections, often needing to provide extensive medical records and documentation of your injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, prescription drugs, treatments, surgeries and therapy.  We can help you understand the questions and explain the types of supporting documentation that will prove useful to your claim.

We also can assist with appeals or hearings with administrative law judges. These hearings, while less formal than a regular courtroom, can still be intimidating to the average person. We can help you understand how these proceedings work and help you prepare for these hearings to present the strongest case possible for your claims.

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Our office has successfully handled hundreds of Social Security Disability claims. Most cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay no fee unless you receive money. Call our Salem office at 978-935-4632 or use our online form to tell us about your case.