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How dangerous is your office?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Worker's Compensation

While certain professions are more likely to have worker injuries, employees can be hurt in any occupation in any environment. Even a straightforward, climate controlled, interior setting such as an office location can have its share of workplace accidents.

There are countless different types of injuries and myriad factors that can cause accidents. Having said that, there are four commonly recognized accident categories that can injure workers in an office setting, including:

  • Falls: Slipping, tripping and falling at the workplace generally represents the most common form of office accident. Typically, these accidents can be caused by slipping on a wet floor, tripping over loose carpeting, inadequate lighting or tripping over objects in walkways.
  • Lifting: Even lifting a relatively small load can lead to a muscle strain. Bending at the waist, twisting or lifting while off balance can all put an unusual amount of stress and strain on the lower back which can lead to a back or spine injury.
  • Falling objects: It is not uncommon for objects to be precariously stacked in an office setting. Whether it is on a high shelf in a storage closet or piled high on a tall filing cabinet, falling objects can strike a worker’s head or neck causing serious injuries.
  • Ergonomic injuries: One of an office worker’s biggest hazards is sitting wrong. Being in a single position for several hours, if that position is ergonomically incorrect, can result in injuries. A properly positioned workspace can include the right type of chair, a monitor at the right height and the proper keyboard.

Workplace injuries can lead to devastating, lifelong conditions. Many accidents result in severe injuries that might require medical treatment, surgery or physical therapy. These injuries can lead to significant medical debt as well as lost wages. It is crucial that an injured worker seeks benefits through a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible after an accident.